1. Saturday, June 23, 2018
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    The Integrated Announcement of the Policy of Quality, Immunity, and Professional and Environmental Hygiene of Qom Province Electricity Distribution Company

    The Qom province electricity distribution company was established in 1992 for the purpose of rendering the services related to the power of electricity in the province of Qom and is required to observe all the standards, regulations and laws issued by the ministry of power and by the superior organizations in accordance with the provisions.

    This company collects the power of electricity at a voltage level of 20 kilovolt from the upper regional distributive power stations in Tehran and takes the responsibility of the entire services related to selling the power splits and selling the power and maintaining the distributive installments.

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    اطلاعات تماس

    تلفن: 38828280-025
    نمابر: 38828275-025
    رایانامه : PR@qepd.co.ir

    آدرس : قم ، میدان امینی بیات ، شرکت توزیع نیروی برق استان قم

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